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We believe in serving the whole student from a person-centered approach using narrative therapy and cognitive behavaioral therapy (CBT) techniques.


All services offer American Sign Language (ASL) interpreting & Certified Spanish translating.

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The professional counselors of MRCC are trained, qualified and eager to meet your students counseling needs. Students will recieve counseling services, career development, college advisement, and SEL training, in one on one private sessions as well as group sessions. Through innovative and targeted counseling students will enhance thier knowledge and will be empowered to discover and pursue their passions. It is our aim that all studnets gain the appropriate tools to confidently build plans that are tailored to their needs.

RUSH PREP- 6wk cycle for 10th & 11th graders

  • Group counseling that is equitable and multi-cultural competent.
  • Students will engage in curriculum in the following areas; SEL, mindset work, narrative writing, A-G requirements, Career basics, and College prep.
  • Transitional Counseling
  • Mental Health Support

RUSH-X- 8wk Cycle for 12th graders

  • Equitable group counseling for Seniors in high school.
  • Students will engage in program curriculum in the following areas;
  • Mindset work, Narrative writing, SEL, Career essentials, College Apps, and Scholarships
  • Students will gain access to PRIVATE Facebook Group
  • Life skills training & Soft skills training
  • Transitional Counseling
  • Mental Health Support

Embolden Student- 8wk Cycle for Higher Ed students

  • Group + Individual counseling that Targets–SEL, Transitions, Mindset, Career Strategies, Experiental Learning,
  • 1:1 Accountability calls
  • Guess Speakers
  • Access to PRIVATE Facebook Group
  • Care Packages
  • How to apply and accept offers to college, universitites, vocational/trade schools, internships, FAFSA and jobs.
  • Mental Health Support
  • Self-care Strategies


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Enroll your students in one of our transformative programs. There is room here for everyone.


 Students will implement program strategies that will result in their college and career success.   


“No student should have to choose between quality and access.”

-LaShay Clifton


From Our TEAM


At MRCC “It is our collaborative duty to enrich the lives of all students and clients through academic support, college advisement, career development, mentorship, and life skills training. We are determined to provide high quality services, as we aim to serve each person with honesty, integrity, advocacy, and professionalism. We will strategically prepare, and gain rapport with our students and clients, so that they are confident in their own ability to accomplish each task in excellence.”