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Ms. LaShay was my counselor at the Oakland Military Institute. My experience with Ms. LaShay was truly one of a kind. She created an environment where I felt like no question was too dumb. I am the first person in my family to pursue higher education. Therefore, I was extremely anxious and often overwhelmed myself with a lot of potential scenarios or outcomes. I would come into her office multiple times a week expressing my concerns and she was the one person that knew how to calm me down and give me the confidence I needed for my next steps. She helped me weigh the pros and cons of different universities based on their educational, financial, and lifestyle benefits. She helped me do the research on the various opportunities each university had and helped me find what was best for me. The support I gained from Ms. LaShay helped me earn the OMI Superintendents scholarship amongst many others. I have now received my Bachelor’s of Science degree in Molecular Environmental Biology from the University of California, Berkeley. I am entirely grateful for having Ms. LaShay in my life, because her words helped me deal with my anxiety and made me feel confident in my skills and ability to go to the next level. I still keep in contact with Ms. LaShay, for guidance, support and the occasional thank you. I am forever grateful.
Emmelyn Luong

Class of 2017, OMI

Prior to meeting and working with Ms. LaShay I thought that I knew everything when it came to college and the application process. I was wrong, I needed a lot more help than I thought I did. Ms. LaShay was the one who gave me all the tools necessary to transition to college. She was alongside me every step of the way. Not only was I able to get everything done pertaining to college, I was also able to build a lifelong relationship with Ms. LaShay that has afforded me additional support and counseling. Although I’ve graduated and she is no longer obligated to give me the tools to succeed, I’m still able to reach out and receive the same support I did in high school. Her faith in me alone, definitely fueled me and made me want to work that much harder. Senior year, I graduated class President, got into my dream schools, Arizona State, and UCLA to name a few. A major takeaway that I learned from Ms. LaShay,  that has carried me through my post high school career is that the only obstacle in my way is me. I am capable of achieving everything I set out to do if I put the work in
Destinee L. Duncan

Class of 2018, OMI

I had the pleasure of meeting Ms. LaShay Clifton at the Oakland Military Institute my junior year of high school. We bonded over our love for TV shows and the ambitious drive that we both share — at OMI I got to see firsthand how she lead the senior class and I thought to myself “I want her as my counselor.” When I entered my senior year I thought I had a plan, but then Ms. LaShay asked me “What’s your plan B,” I shockingly responded to this question “Why do I need a plan B.” Then she explained, and the rest is history, as she became my counselor. Flash forward to a couple of weeks after graduation, I didn’t go to the college of my choice due to unforeseen circumstances. Ms. LaShay encouraged me to go to a community college, get my general ed’s done and save some money.” Despite my circumstances, I did go to college taking the advice of my counselor.  I went to a community college and received three Associate Degrees (Liberal Arts, Political Science, and Sociology.) I have sustained a relationship with Ms. LaShay after high school because she is the person that I go to for advice for both personal and professional support. Ms. LaShay is a dedicated, honest, caring, and compassionate leader; she helped me countless time and time again. I would recommend her to anyone who needs guidance and support.
Kayla Goodwin

Class of 2018, OMI