LaShay Clifton, and the counelors of Make Room Counseling Collective provides quality counseling that is less transactional and more transformative. Counseling that is student- focused, equitable, professional, and reduces the stress that studetns typically feel around the college applications process. Our team of like-minded professionals believe that we can change all students lives through targeted, intensive interactions with specific goals and objectives.  



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Students will implement program strategies that will result in their college and career success.  

Here at MRCC we know that you want to cultivate successful and professional individuals. In order to do that, you need strategically focused one on one time for your students. The problem is school clinicians are over-worked and are too few in number which makes you feel hopeless, unsupported and unseen. We believe that you should not have to choose between quality and accessibility. We understand the pressure that comes with making huge life decisions which is why we take the time to hear the stories and needs of each of our studnets to best design coordinated steps that will ensure their success. 

So, book your discovery call today, and in the meantime take a deep breath. For now, you can stop worrying about what’s next and instead cherish each moment you have with the students you care so much about. We’ve got your back!